My thoughts

Just too fast

You will get there, just do it safely.

Something I want to talk about for a few minutes. So this is something I’m noticing more and more often, and it’s scary. People rushing, but where are we going that deems us to speed, to honk after the light has just turned green? Just the other day I saw an accident. The person was in such a rush they pulled out thinking they would be able to clear the oncoming car. What actually happened was a crash. Front end met this persons driver door, thankfully it looked like everyone was okay. BUT why? Why couldn’t that person have waited for a better clearing?

Then there are people who do not stop for school buses.. What is with that, where the hell are you going in such a hurry you cannot wait for a child to be safely off the bus, and across the street? I’m sorry but NOTHING absolutely nothing is worth risking a child’s life, or even another adults life..

The speed limit on my road is 35, that’s way too high for this road. Nearly everyone does 40/45!! This road is thickly settled, and people are constantly stopping, or turning. Both ends of my road have dangerous intersections. At least once a day cops and emergency vehicles are speeding past my home to assist with an accident on either end. People do not want to pause for two seconds to let someone go.

So here is my proposal, I say we slow down. Take a second to think of others, and how we would feel if someone accidentally took the life of our loved one. All because you wanted that coffee, or pack of smokes faster. You wanted to get home, and sit there that much faster. You may be late to work, but that’s one less life taken due to speed. Even if you do 80mph in a 65mph zone you’re only going to get to your destination 15 minutes sooner. That’s not enough time to deem it okay. Okay you have a fast car, I get it, but it’s not that popular these days. It wont make you cool , or even sexier. You want to be sexy? Save an animal, work out, eat properly, be kind. Risking others isn’t and will never be sexy.

If you find yourself rushing, take a deep breath and say “okay I need to slow it down”. when we say things like this out loud it becomes reality. Also if you’re speeding and you are listening to hard rock, try listing to the acoustic versions of the song. I know when I get my music going I go faster, and I have to stop myself or change the music. I’m not asking you to drive like a sloth, I’m asking you to slow down, respect others on the road, and treat others like they are your family members.

Also please slow down for the woodland creatures!! We overtook their home, least we can do is let them cross the street.

Lets make 2019 a year of cautious driving, and caring about others wellness.

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