My thoughts

Style update, life update.

So a few years back I tried to change my style. I looked good, but it didn’t stick.

(Back story) I have always dressed either very goth, or some weird country style, but I always went back to goth. Why? Because I figured if people were intimidated by me, they’d listen to me. Well that worked, but at the same time didn’t work. My personality is actually quite bubbly, but not overly. So dressing the way I did with the personality I have didn’t match up. I got into clicks, and friendships as a goth, I’ve changed A LOT over the years. I’ve lost friends and I’ve gained new ones as my style changed. Figuring out who I am has been a constant battle, yes a battle. Am I goth, am I country, am I casual, what the heck am I??

Well I didn’t and don’t have a clear answer to that. I’m still searching. What I know I am; is a mom, is someone who wants to be taken serious, is a person who doesn’t want to intimidate others. I also what my personality to match who I am on the outside. I’m feminine, but not super girly. I want a classic timeless look.

So in order for this to happen I had to do, and I still am doing my research. I’m researching how to have a more feminine classy wardrobe. It’s actually a lot of work, and I’m figuring out what works for me. What I don’t like, and what I do like. What I will wear, and what is absolutely not going on my body.

This change is coming from me, not anyone else. This is completely my choice, and why I want to do it are also my reasons.

I have little girls, and my oldest is getting into wanting to look her best. Her favorite color is pink, of course. I want to look my best, so she’ll continue to want to look her best. I want to teach her and her sister everything I wasn’t taught.

As for a life update. This summer has been crazy, and hot.. I’m so glad it’s almost over. Cape Cod (where we live) was struck with three tornados, almost three weeks ago. No massive damage, but it was scary. The girls are excited for the coming school year, as am I. We will be going school shopping soon, oh and I have a 1st grader.. can y’all believe that??

As for me, I am no longer fully vegan but I do stick to a mostly dairy free diet. The girls are still very much vegan, it’s all they’ve known they’re whole lives. In my current situation it’s exactly hard to eat plant based, but I’ll be back there someday, hopefully soon. I know a plant based diet is what’s best for my health and theirs. They will continue on and I will follow as soon as I can.

Other than the craziness of summer I don’t have much else to tell y’all. Hopefully I’ll be posting more as the girls return to school.

Much love


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