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Cleaning and Cleanliness = snootiness? Venting post.

I have long wondered why having a clean home and clean appearance, both on the outside and the inside is equal to being snooty or stuck up.

I clean my home everyday, sometimes twice or three times a day. I do not do this to impress anyone, or to make anyone feel bad. So it puzzles me as to why some people (not all) thinks this way.

I do try to refrain from swearing and I always use my manners. The way I speak never matched my clothing. This is currently a work in process. However I am not stuck up or snotty. It just puzzled me.

I’ve come to the bitter conclusion that this is a problem within those people. They know what needs to be done, yet they either do not care or they don’t have the ability to do so.

Now this is going to make some mad, but it is what it is.

Not caring is just being lazy, and hiring someone to clean your home is just disgraceful. I’m sorry but it is. If you aren’t working or hardly work and you hire someone because you’re that lazy.. well.. that’s on you.

If you cannot physically clean your home I understand this. This is the only exception to hiring someone. But I’ve seen even the most unable do things, so think hard before you say you cannot.

This is mostly a rant post, because of people who don’t like to clean or take care of themselves. they think those of us who do are snooty and stuck up. I’m sorry we don’t like living in filth and clutter.. and we choose to take care of ourselves.. my goodness don’t get me started on clutter.

My grandmother (RIP love you) who was a big woman and could barely move kept a clean home.. Of course with the help of my grandfather (RIP love you too). There were no big messes in their home. And everyday that she could she made her bed, after she got out of it, than when she couldn’t my grandfather would help her. His bed was always made, and he was always showered and dressed well. He always carried a hanky on him at all times.

These days you don’t see that, you see folks running around with sweatpants on and just a lot of not caring. Their homes and rooms filthy and cluttered beyond belief. No structure. I was guilty of this at one point, but not anymore now that I’m older. Now I’m teaching my girls to clean up after themselves, and how to use their manners.

We have to bring back that pride in ourselves, in our homes, and instil it into our kids. Enough of this carelessness attitude. Enough with the disrespecting our elders, and the human population. Take pride in yourself, in your homes, and you will see a shift in the way you think. Filth and clutter equal stress and doesn’t help with depression.

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Style update, life update.

So a few years back I tried to change my style. I looked good, but it didn’t stick.

(Back story) I have always dressed either very goth, or some weird country style, but I always went back to goth. Why? Because I figured if people were intimidated by me, they’d listen to me. Well that worked, but at the same time didn’t work. My personality is actually quite bubbly, but not overly. So dressing the way I did with the personality I have didn’t match up. I got into clicks, and friendships as a goth, I’ve changed A LOT over the years. I’ve lost friends and I’ve gained new ones as my style changed. Figuring out who I am has been a constant battle, yes a battle. Am I goth, am I country, am I casual, what the heck am I??

Well I didn’t and don’t have a clear answer to that. I’m still searching. What I know I am; is a mom, is someone who wants to be taken serious, is a person who doesn’t want to intimidate others. I also what my personality to match who I am on the outside. I’m feminine, but not super girly. I want a classic timeless look.

So in order for this to happen I had to do, and I still am doing my research. I’m researching how to have a more feminine classy wardrobe. It’s actually a lot of work, and I’m figuring out what works for me. What I don’t like, and what I do like. What I will wear, and what is absolutely not going on my body.

This change is coming from me, not anyone else. This is completely my choice, and why I want to do it are also my reasons.

I have little girls, and my oldest is getting into wanting to look her best. Her favorite color is pink, of course. I want to look my best, so she’ll continue to want to look her best. I want to teach her and her sister everything I wasn’t taught.

As for a life update. This summer has been crazy, and hot.. I’m so glad it’s almost over. Cape Cod (where we live) was struck with three tornados, almost three weeks ago. No massive damage, but it was scary. The girls are excited for the coming school year, as am I. We will be going school shopping soon, oh and I have a 1st grader.. can y’all believe that??

As for me, I am no longer fully vegan but I do stick to a mostly dairy free diet. The girls are still very much vegan, it’s all they’ve known they’re whole lives. In my current situation it’s exactly hard to eat plant based, but I’ll be back there someday, hopefully soon. I know a plant based diet is what’s best for my health and theirs. They will continue on and I will follow as soon as I can.

Other than the craziness of summer I don’t have much else to tell y’all. Hopefully I’ll be posting more as the girls return to school.

Much love


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MIA – and life

Well I’ve been Mia for a while. I do apologise for that, as I have been dealing with some stuff on a personal level. However regular posting will resume starting very soon.

I will say that a lot of things have come to light, and some major life changes have happened. I was able to finally locate my biological father, and prove without a doubt that he is indeed my father. Through DNA testing this was possible. So I was able to close that chapter. I found many family members I never even knew existed. I was welcomed with all my quirkiness. Other chapters have closed, and I’m thankful for that. Onto new chapters in life now.

I have been posting to Instagram more and more these days as things go back to normal.

Keep a look out for new postings and know I’m still here, I haven’t gone very far.

Much love



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Best friend(s)

This post is dedicated to my two very best friends, I appreciate you both so much. No matter how far away or close you may be.

Everyone deserves a best friend; a person who you can trust, and run to with questions. A person who you can tell your secrets to, and know they’ll be safe. I am lucky enough to have two very best friends.

This first lovely lady I met when I was pregnant with my oldest, we met in a weight loss surgery mommy group. Believe it or not I used to be very heavy, but that’s a story for another time. Her and I clicked right away, and the rest is really just history. Friendship without judgment, just pure love and support through everything. She lives on the West coast while I’m over here on the East coast. I don’t know what I’d have done without her throughout my pregnancies and life so far. Her being three hours behind me has some advantages. If I have to take one of the kids to hospital she’s up most times. Since my Facebook is mostly a very small amount of family, and people I know in real life she can update them all for me. I can do the same for her. It isn’t your textbook friendship but it fits us perfectly. She’s heard it all, from my family issues to what my kids vomit looks and smells like. All without batting an eye. For this reason and many others I love her like the sister I never had.

This second lovely lady I met at work, it wasn’t love at first sight, but there was definitely something there. She was avoiding me, and I didn’t know why. I call her my “twin flame” my sister from another mister. Once she stopped avoiding me we instantly clicked. Like our “souls” (and I use that term lightly) found each other. She lives here on the East coast with me, literally like five minutes up the road. She’s been here with me since before I started my search for my father. She has listened to me vent about life, and love, and everything in between. She is an amazing person with an amazing personality. She’s helped plan, and has attended both my girls birthday parties. She’s watched my girls, which you have to be someone I really trust to get that privilege. She’s even on my kids emergency pickup list. Shes Auntie to my kids, and I’m auntie to hers. There’s something so magical about having people like this in your life.

I really wish I had these two wonderful women in my life growing up. I surely needed them then. They say the best comes in time and I surely believe this. I’m just glad I didn’t have to wait until I was grey for these lovelies. Some say you cannot choose your family but I highly disagree. I may have not been able to choose the family I was born into, but I can choose the family I want to surround myself with. These two are my sisters for all the right reasons, and I could not have chosen any better. I love you both and I am so thankful to have finally met you.

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So much plastic!!

I live in what I consider a food desert. We have grocery stores and convenient stores on nearly every corner. Fast food everywhere you look. Some may think that having these near are an advantage, but it’s not. I try to buy non plastic packaged fruits and veggies, but everywhere I go they are packaged in plastic, wrapped in elastics, or twist ties. Everything is super over priced because it’s brought in on trucks.

I live on an island, a man made island that has all four seasons. I don’t think this is a valid reason to severely jack up the prices of food. Cape Cod is a great vacation spot but it’s losing its young people because its failure to have jobs, and be affordable. Not only is the price of food way too high, housing and taxes are ridiculous. However right now I’m speaking about the food desert.

I just wish we had more options for healthy food being served sustainably, and fruits and veggies being packaged more eco friendly. Unfortunately Cape cod just isn’t there. It’s the reason I’m starting to really get into growing my own food. I highly doubt this place is going to change that dramatically in the next few years. As I’ve said to my Significant other, we need to learn and teach the girls how to grow and maintain a garden. They need to be able to care for themselves when this place goes far south, and becomes a full on food desert. Especially since both my girls are vegan and cannot have what a typical child can have.

When I go into the grocery store for the weeks shop I get stares as I’m leaving. I do not use bags, and I don’t bring mine into the store. It is much easier and I’m not rushed when I bag it up at the truck. I do not accept a bag unless I ABSOLUTELY have too and it has to be paper.

This was a rant more than a blog post, but it’s something I’m very passionate about. I do not like living in a food desert, and I try to do my best to not buy a ton of plastic.

Things I do to be as sustainable as I can.

1. I reuse glass jars to drink from.

2. Anything reusable is either glass, stainless steel, metal, or silicone.

3. I try not to throw anything away, but instead give it away or bring it to a donation area.

4. We cook with stainless steel, and own one eco friendly nonstick pan.

5. I make my own laundry soap, it works well if not better that store bought.

6. I make my own house cleaner, and yes it works.

7. We use a sink water filter instead of buying bottled water.

8. We use a regular coffee pot instead of a Keurig.

9. I wash the girls and my laundry together.

10. The girls have very minimal plastic toys and I don’t buy them plastic toys. They have what they wanted to keep when we did the clean out.

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Addiction-yep we’re going there

Well it’s Monday night, and we’re talking about addictions. No we’re not going to dabble in the drug and alcohol area of addiction. We’re going to chat about the lesser talked about energy drink and sugar addiction. Two combined addictions that many adults and teenagers share. So why have I decided to speak on this topic? Well I have been addicted to energy drinks since my youngest was born. It was a slippery slop from the moment I drank the first one. So this blog post will be based on my own addiction story.

I do not own rights to this photo.

My daughter Keira was born in October of 2014, and I was a stay at home mom. I was always super tired, and needed something that wasn’t coffee to keep me going. Someone in a group, on Facebook had posted a tread on energy drinks. I happened to chime in. I’ve always liked Monster energy drinks, but I was never addicted to them. Since having weight loss surgery I was unable to drink anything carbonated. So this had ruled out energy drinks, the super sugary ones. Even the no sugar energy drink were still carbonated, so I couldn’t drink those either. This is basically what I had said on the thread. A woman chimed in and told me about Monsters non-carbonated line of energy drinks. I was excited, ecstatic to be honest. So I went to try one, and that was it. I was hooked. Every picture I took you’d see a shadow of this drink, or a full on photo of this drink. I was drinking in excess of up to eight a day. Some days I’d only drink four, some days six, others eight. I knew all the places they were the cheapest, and all the employees knew me. I was known as the.. no bag woman who would buy four monsters at a time. Particularly the lemonade flavor.

It all came to an end this past Thursday. I knew at some point I’d either have a heart attack or another medical problem because of my addiction. This was it, the turning point. This was the forced quitting I needed. Wednesday I woke up in pain. It wasn’t that time of month so it wasn’t that. I thought I had pinched a never. My entire back, sides, and legs were in so much pain. It peaked that night at work. I honestly thought I was dying. I still had no idea what was happening. I woke up Thursday in very little pain. I got the kids up, dressed and eating breakfast. I opened my monster and took a sip. Within two minutes I was in pain again. Still not completely understanding what was going on I took the girls to school. Finally after taking another sip it dawns on me.. My kidneys and liver are fighting back, and the monster is the cause of all of my pain. I dumped it out my window driving down the road. Tossed the can in my trash can I keep in the truck. That was it, the last sip of an energy drink. I’ve been having pains since then. I know how much of the toxins are in my body from that drink. It’s going to take a while for it all to leave my system. My pains are getting less and less, and my symptoms are going away little by little.

Why did I tell you this story? I want everyone to know how bad these are for you. I was blind and naive to the fact of the harm these can do to my body. People have died from these, I’m very lucky I know. Even the low calorie, non-carbonated ones can harm you. Between the artificial sugar, to the overload of B vitamins, and whatever else they put into them.. None of it is good. Even just one a day increases your risk of a heart attack, and I honestly don’t know how I avoided it. If you have loved ones who drink these please voice your concern, tell them my story, show them my blog post. You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you are drinking these it will compromise your system. Teenagers are so susceptible to drinking these, parents need to be stern and not allow them to start. I know we cannot control everything they do, but we can set the standard and a good leading example.

I do not own rights to this photo.
I do not own rights to this photo.
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When life throws you a curve ball.

Life is full of curve balls. Some you see coming, but others have to hit you in the side of the head before you see them. So what do you do when you get hit with a curve ball? There isn’t much choice when you get one. You must make a decision whether or not to freak out, or take it step by step and day by day. Trust me when I say freaking out will do you no good, in the moment decisions wont either. Our initial thought is to lose it, breakdown, and just be defeated. We do this automatically, but we can stop it. Allowing this curve ball to take more out of you than it has too is completely up to you. Here are four steps to avoiding a mental breakdown in that moment. Lets be honest for a moment.. You will breakdown, but you have to be strong while you make decisions, and after the dust is settled you can have that cry fest. So here are my four steps to avoiding that initial breakdown.

  1. Asses the situation – with as clear of a head as physically possible. Figure out why this happened, who threw this ball, and what can be done.
  2. You gotta breath – This is critical, if you don’t remain calm you’ll lose is before you figure anything out. That is the last thing you want or need.
  3. Seclusion, with in reason – a lot of people would disagree with me. However have you ever tried to asses a situation with people talking in your ear, telling you what to do before you have a chance to figure anything out? No its not a good thing. Once you have had time to process the situation you should reach out to someone(s) you trust.
  4. Get outside – You’ll need to clear your head, and again breath. Something as simple as listening to gentle music and walking down your local main street is enough to aid in clearing your head. This is great to do after the shock, and all the thinking. I encourage you to do this with your best friend, just to have them their beside you.

Once the shock is over, and you’ve had the chance to figure some or everything out you should have that cry. I suggest doing this in private. I’ve done this cry in public, at work actually. It wasn’t pretty, I looked and felt awful the rest of my shift. Sometimes you cannot help where you have this breakdown, especially if you’re like me and you try to remain strong without that cry. It’s not healthy to keep it bottled up, and definitely isn’t self love. You need to release these feelings so you can move on. I know I know, but you don’t have to be strong all the time. You don’t have to let anyone see you cry, or explain why you’re crying. When I was asked why if I was okay, and what was wrong all I said was “just a lot going on, I’m okay”. No one needs anymore information than that. You are not obligated to open up to everyone you come across. Just your mum, your best friend, or a close relative. This is all by choice and I highly recommend you confide in the person you trust the most. No it doesn’t have to be family. I confide in my best friend, because I just don’t have that family connection.

The journey may be hard, but we are strong. There is nothing we cannot do, with perseverance, self love and respect for ourselves. Take your time making choices and going down new roads.

Just keep in mind this little piece of information.

“Every journey has many paths, you choose the paths you take. In the end you will have walked the journey you chose to walk. No one can dictate your path, unless you allow them too. You’re life rest in the palm of your hands, make it a good journey”

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Crazy flu and cold “season”

Y’all it’s been a crazy few weeks. Valletta tested positive for the flu and Keira had a nasty ear infection. All of this happened the week before winter vacation. This landed us in the hospital. Valletta probably got the flu from her father. Fast forward a week; we were back in the hospital due Valletta losing a significant amount of weight. She also was diagnosed with a slight ear infection. She got antibiotics and we were out of there. That Friday we were back in the hospital after I had to call rescue for Keira. The antibiotic for her ear infection made her breakout in hives. Thankfully her breathing was fine. So I was able to drive to the hospital which is about 10 minutes away. We were seen relatively quick. They administered Prednisone (spelling), and an antihistamine. The rash was under control even though it got redder before it went away. During all of this I was (somehow) the only one not sick. I did get the lovely job of taking care of everyone. I was able to manage the symptoms with our homeopathic cold medicines. We got antibiotics only when absolutely needed. Fast forward to today, I brought them both to school. They haven’t had fevers or vomited since a few days ago. Valletta has made it to noon at school, but the day is still young. Keira made it an hour into school and her bum didn’t want to corporate. So I had to pick her up. Y’all this flu is no joke, get the shot if you still can. Wash your hands, and brush those teeth. I hate reading about death. Especially those that could have been avoided. Please keep those babies safe. Here’s to a healthy and happy spring. I’m back to posting, so things will pick up as normal.

Peace, love, and self acceptance.

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Five things I hate, and five things I love.

So for this weeks post I decided to do, five things I hate and five things I love. So here we go.

1. I hate constantly negative people…. You know these people, they never see the good in anything. They always have something to complain about. Even the smallest thing.. Something as stupid as “I’m out of grape jelly.. why does my life suck so much?” Yeah I hate those kind of people.

2. Heavy coats.. I know this sounds silly… however they are bulky, cumbersome, and just annoying. Then again I cannot wear clothing like that. I think it has something to do with my sensory issues. I’m better with light clothing. Which makes me wonder if I belong in a warmer climate.

3. Mayonnaise – vegan or dairy mayo.. something about the texture, and the smell really turns me off. I have to use a long spoon if I’m going to be using it. I refuse to eat it, but others in my home do like it. Yuck!!

4. Being late.. Oh man I hate being late, I do not think I’ve ever been late for anything. If I (or we) have an appointment I will leave between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours ahead of time. Depending on where we’re going. Maybe it’s an OCD thing, but it makes me really uncomfortable being late.

5. Phone calls.. I legitimately hate answering my phone. Don’t call me if it’s not super important. Like think.. is this textable? If the answer is yes, please text me. I know it sounds silly but it’s completely true.

1. I love my yoga pants.. hear me out. I’m not talking about the yoga pants that look like workout pants. These yoga pants I speak of can pull off an everyday look. I can wear sneakers and heels with these. They are also tummy slimming, which I need. They are so comfortable and are boot cut.

2. Smoothies.. I cannot get enough of my favourite smoothie. The mixture of strawberries, mangoes, pineapple, chia seeds, and dragon fruit.. along with the protein nut milk, raw agave nectar and the splash of vanilla.. y’all it’s legit like ice cream. Cruelty free ice cream.

3. The smell of blow dried hair. Have you ever smelled it? It’s like heat, plus clean hair, equals just the greatest smell. Maybe it’s because I’m a hairdresser by trade but I can smell blow dried hair a mile away. I swear I’m not crazy..

4. Yoga and meditation.. I absolutely love the feeling I get when I do these two things. I love the sound of the singing bowls. Just to sit and breath, to relax, and stretch. Man it feels amazing. I’ve been really slacking at this lately. I said earlier that I need to get back to my meditation and yoga. Tomorrow morning definitely back at it. Ekk can’t wait.

5. I love cooking. Mixing flavours, using spices, cutting up veggies, all while listening to music or podcasts.. it’s just my favourite thing ever. It’s like art but edible. The smells my food gives off, is intoxicating even though it’s not meat. I know I haven’t harmed anyone or anything creating my meals. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

Well those are my five and five. I hope you enjoy this silly insight into my mind. Until next week. Love and peace to everyone.

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The not so pretty, and the beautiful sides of being vegan

When your life mission is to save the world one animal at a time, it gets lonely. Like really lonely. Making friends has never been my strong suite and most times I’m by myself. However I do have a few good friends. Feeling quite lonely wishing I had my own vegan tribe to surround myself with. Be able to talk with other moms who are on the same journey. It is socially more acceptable to be a meat and dairy eater than it is to be vegan or plant based eater. You cannot walk into any grocery store and find what you’re looking for. I have to travel over a bridge then another 20 minutes to just get my protein nut milk. I’m looking into ordering it. Perks of living on an all seasons island I guess. I did try joining a vegan/vegetarian group on Facebook, I also tried making my own group. Nothing took off, and the group I joined is quite stagnant. The number of restaurants here that are vegan or have vegan options is extremely minimal, two within a twenty minute drive. I digress..

With all of that said, being vegan is one of the best choices I’ve ever made, and I hope to go fully plant based within the next couple years. My girls are both vegan, but mostly for their health. I am able to find things like vegan mac and cheese, and Trader Joes has started to carry some more vegan options. However you need to be careful. check for eggs and milk, because even though it says “meatless” it could definitely have dairy in it. I started checking not just ingredients, but what clothing is made out of. Careful not to buy anything made from animals. Also medications, and hair products I’ve been checking too. I just love how I feel eating vegan, all the vegetable I’ve been eating saved me from the flu. However I did get a cold, and a sinus infection.. Those two things I can manage while managing a household. A flu I could not handle my household had I gotten the flu..

This coming weekend is Superbowl weekend, we have a couple friends coming over, one of which is trying to eat healthier. So I’ll be making vegan options for her and I. The men (who are not vegan) will be eating non vegan items. GO PATRIOTS!!

Lead by example and others shall follow. That is my main goal in life, hoping others can see the good in veganism, and try it. Try it out, maybe not everyday, but possibly bring back “meatless Monday”, try the vegan cheese, try some of the substitutes. I don’t want anyone to throw themselves into it 100 percent at first. I tell people, try being vegetarian for a bit, and incorporate some vegan days.

Vegans don’t wish cruelty upon animals or others.. Here’s my problem.. The outspoken mean vegans.. I know you want to make a point, I GET IT.. However do you honestly think yelling in someones face, telling them they’re a murderer is a good way to get anyone to change their ways? No it absolutely is not. I saw a post on my Facebook new feed that utterly disturbed me. At a PETA protest in Sydney there was a man roasting a dog, a DOG y’all.. This is absolutely ridiculous to me. If you care about all animals why are you doing this?? It’s every level unacceptable, disgusting, and is definitely not what most vegans are about. I prefer facts of what the food you are eating is doing to your body, over that harshness.

Like I said, it’s not all a pretty picture, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. However random it may sound.

Be kind, love all, and only spread love and happiness.

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Just too fast

You will get there, just do it safely.

Something I want to talk about for a few minutes. So this is something I’m noticing more and more often, and it’s scary. People rushing, but where are we going that deems us to speed, to honk after the light has just turned green? Just the other day I saw an accident. The person was in such a rush they pulled out thinking they would be able to clear the oncoming car. What actually happened was a crash. Front end met this persons driver door, thankfully it looked like everyone was okay. BUT why? Why couldn’t that person have waited for a better clearing?

Then there are people who do not stop for school buses.. What is with that, where the hell are you going in such a hurry you cannot wait for a child to be safely off the bus, and across the street? I’m sorry but NOTHING absolutely nothing is worth risking a child’s life, or even another adults life..

The speed limit on my road is 35, that’s way too high for this road. Nearly everyone does 40/45!! This road is thickly settled, and people are constantly stopping, or turning. Both ends of my road have dangerous intersections. At least once a day cops and emergency vehicles are speeding past my home to assist with an accident on either end. People do not want to pause for two seconds to let someone go.

So here is my proposal, I say we slow down. Take a second to think of others, and how we would feel if someone accidentally took the life of our loved one. All because you wanted that coffee, or pack of smokes faster. You wanted to get home, and sit there that much faster. You may be late to work, but that’s one less life taken due to speed. Even if you do 80mph in a 65mph zone you’re only going to get to your destination 15 minutes sooner. That’s not enough time to deem it okay. Okay you have a fast car, I get it, but it’s not that popular these days. It wont make you cool , or even sexier. You want to be sexy? Save an animal, work out, eat properly, be kind. Risking others isn’t and will never be sexy.

If you find yourself rushing, take a deep breath and say “okay I need to slow it down”. when we say things like this out loud it becomes reality. Also if you’re speeding and you are listening to hard rock, try listing to the acoustic versions of the song. I know when I get my music going I go faster, and I have to stop myself or change the music. I’m not asking you to drive like a sloth, I’m asking you to slow down, respect others on the road, and treat others like they are your family members.

Also please slow down for the woodland creatures!! We overtook their home, least we can do is let them cross the street.

Lets make 2019 a year of cautious driving, and caring about others wellness.

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Goodbye 2018

That’s right today is the final day of 2018, I know I cannot believe it either. Where did the year go? I’ve had many ups and down, and felt defeated many times. I’ve also had moments of clarity and brilliance. From starting my homestead Instagram page, to creating this blog, and finally ordering my DNA kit from ancestry. I started my vegan journey in 2018, it has been a hard journey from meat eater for 32 year to vegan. Not even going to lie, it’s been really hard, I’ve had times when I’ve caved, but I’ve had times when I was stronger than I thought.

So lets talk goals for 2019, do you have any? Here are my top three goals.

  • Go fully vegan from year beginning to year end, and so on and so forth.
  • Eat more plant based and less meat substitute based.
  • Bring my home into full Eco friendly status – within reason

So what do my goals mean exactly?

Simply I will not eat meat or dairy from 2019 on. I want to plant gardens and maintain them properly. I may take a class on gardening to help reach this goal. I’m going to get a compost bin instead of just using a hole in my yard, yes I currently use a hole in my yard to throw scraps into. Sometimes I just throw veggie/fruit/ bread and other non meat or dairy scraps into my yard for the animals to eat. I also want to get rid of the rest of my plastic in my home. I want to figure out another way to throw trash away that doesn’t consist of using a plastic bag. Most importantly for my health I’m going to try my hardest to stop eating processed meat substitutes. This doesn’t include tofu (because I’m not crazy), seitan, or tempeh. I also want to branch out and try other fruits and vegetables I haven’t before.

Now to the things I’ve accomplished in 2018

  • I’ve removed disposable plates and cups.
  • I no longer buy pasta sauce in plastic containers
  • I no longer buy spices in plastic
  • I no longer buy sandwich bags or paper towels
  • I stops using store bought laundry soap
  • I stopped buying water jugs
  • I started buying in bulk
  • I no longer use bags if I forget mine in the truck
  • I removed 99.9999 percent of harsh chemicals from my home
  • I bought a water filter for my kitchen sink
  • We stopped using the Kerig and just use a regular coffee pot

I’m sure there is more but that’s all my foggy brain can think of at this moment.

So I will be sending 2018 out with doing less damage to the environment, not having part in the killing of animals, not taking baby animals away from their mamas, and not drinking/using the milk of cows. I look forward to a fantastic 2019, hoping it brings opportunity with it. I’m excited to find out what my true DNA is, and possibly finding my real father or relatives. Hopefully losing the last 40 pound or so I need to lose. Possibly exercising more, can’t promise anything there. Vegan is the future and I fully support it with every being of my human body. Love thy self and love thy body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 
― Hippocrates

I’m ready for you 2019!!

My thoughts

Crappy little winter colds

Basically the title says it all.. We have been dealing with crappy colds since before Christmas. Last weekend it escalated into a full blown ear infection for Keira. She has been on antibiotics now for four days. I took Valletta to the doctor this afternoon, thankfully no ear or chest infections, but her cough is nasty. She spiked a fever tonight before bed. With this all happening I’m being forced to use stronger medications, like Advil and store brand mucinex. I hate using any thing like this, but I will IF needed.

I am a homeopathic mom, so when I have to use these kinds of medications I feel awful. I know non of these are good for my children in the long run, unfortunately nothing I have on hand is working well enough. I am however going to start rebuilding the good bacteria in their guts when this is all said and done. Probiotics will be our best friend after these colds get outta here!!

So tonight I decided I needed to get some veggies into them, they are not veggie eaters at all. I decided to make “hidden veggie mac and cheese”. Of course it was vegan. They absolutely loved it, and ate most of what I gave them. Then they saw the cookies, and wanted some. So I gave them two cookies each. Below is the recipe for the vegan hidden veggie mac and cheese.

Hidden (real life looking) veggie mac and cheese.

You will need:

2 carrots peeled and cut into pieces

2 white potatoes peeled and cut into pieces

2 cups cauliflower cut into pieces

1 cup butternut squash

1 cup unsweetened original coconut or nut milk

1.5 cups cheddar shreds

1/2 cup mozzarella shreds

1 packet of (boxed) vegan cheese powder

salt to taste

2 cups dried pasta of choice

a blender or food processor – I used my food processor

  1. Peel and cut all veggies, put them into a sauce pan with water, and boil until fork tender.
  2. Once veggies are tender enough, drain the water. Let sit for a few minutes on the counter, with the lid off. This allows the veggies to cool a bit before adding them into the blender or food processor.
  3. Okay now come the most difficult part, and somewhat scary. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS PART. ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
  4. In batches scoop veggies into your device of choice. Remember I used the processor. So for me I did this in two batches. I put each batch into a bowl after pureeing. Scoop the first batch into the processor, and lid it. Puree until smooth, scraping the sides down half way through. This usually takes 3-5 minutes per batch. Put into a bowl and do the next batch the same way.
  5. Place puree back into the sauce pan, add milk of choice, and the vegan cheese powder. Bring to a light simmer. Add the cheddar shreds and whisk to combine. Keep whisking until it is smooth. Add the last of the shreds, whisk again until smooth.
  6. Taste – taste – taste, add salt – as little as you can. Taste again!! Always taste your food.

Mantra I live by – If I wouldn’t eat it, I will not feed it to my children.

If your cheese sauce is seasoned well, and acceptable to your taste buds set it aside. Boil your pasta according to the package instructions.

Once pasta is done add sauce, and fold it in. You don’t need to add it all at once. I added enough to coat my pasta then I severed it to the girls. I added more sauce after. Place it into a nonstick baking pan, topped with dairy-free bread crumbs, and a touch of oil and salt. I baked that until it was nice and bubbly. set aside to cool.

Sever when ready and enjoy.

I cooked up some marinated tofu, and roasted more veggies for my super. Along with the mac and cheese.

My thoughts

Happy Holidays

I just want to write a quick post about, the holidays. To me it seems like more and more people cannot keep up with societies version of Christmas. This is absolutely ridiculous, it’s insane to think of. When did the holiday become more about the presents, than the time spent with family? I know I personally don’t have a ton of money to buy my kids iPads or iPhones, but even if I did I wouldn’t. In my eyes an iPhone, or any cellular device isn’t a gift. It’s something you earn. My children got a few toys, learning books, a journal, some coloured pencils, and regular books. I would much rather them have their heads in a book, than have their eyes on a device. I know one lady in particular who didn’t spend much, and then took to social media with her tree, and presents. Apologising it seemed for only spending a little. Society has mothers apologising for simple Christmases.. Mind you the tree was beautiful, and the presents were meaningful. I’m not saying all gifts aren’t meaningful, but when you only have so much to spend they mean more. You put more thought into them. My daughter asked for a “Dora computer” I couldn’t find one (honestly I didn’t spend much time looking). Then it changed from the computer to a dinosaur. Christmas morning came and they opened everything. Valletta got her dinosaur, and Keira got a Pegasus. The one thing both my girls gravitated to was the journals, and the coloured pencils. My kids doodled for hours. Valletta walked around all day clutching her journal in one hand, and the pencils in the other. Kids are very simple of you let them be. My best friends son asked his mum for cat sleeper jammies, and a mind craft game. Both she gifted him. His sister was super excited about the socks, and the lipgloss she got. Of course they got other things but it’s really a lot of “less is more”. I wanted to keep this Christmas as simple as possible, and I think I was successful. Well at least my one bag of trash made me think I was. The girls are grateful for all they received. I’m most grateful for the new winter jackets my mother in law got them. Their jackets were getting too small. Now we can gift the used jackets to a family who needs them. I hope y’all had a wonderfully simple holiday. Here’s to a fantastic 2019!!

My thoughts

Here goes nothin’

Well it’s Sunday afternoon, after much debate, and fiddling around I’m finally up and running. It took me nearly a week to get this going. Between figuring out if I wanted to pay for this, or just do it for free. The good news is here I am, ready to share all of my insight with all of you beautiful people. I have linked my Instagram to the blog, as well as four of my absolute favorite podcasts. The podcast you can find at the top of this blog page.  I plan on posting a couple times a week to start out. Things I will be posting; will be my thoughts on self love, my vegan recipes, as well as my journey to a more sustainable and minimal life. I will also try to post about our journey in special needs, and how we live this way with two girls who have these needs. I sincerely hope to help people with this blog. Whether it be trying a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, decluttering, living minimal and as sustainable as possible in today’s world,  or just with my uplifting advice on self love, and how to love yourself.  

A little about myself, my children, and my homestead. 

First I would like to introduce myself, I’m Samantha. I’m a mum, a recovering meat addict, a hippie (in my own way), and a recovering over-waster. I have a long way to go, but I have come a long way.  I have become known as the “no bag lady” around my island. With that said, we live on an island (or peninsula) on the coast of Massachusetts. Also known as Cape Cod. I was born here but moved around New England many times as a child. I have two girls (as said above) Valletta Sky who is a pink loving 5 year old, and Keira Winter who is a very sassy 4 year old. My husband who I will probably not speak of much lives here with us. He wishes to remain anonymous.  Which is okay with me, because that is his choice, and I respect his choices.  We live in a rural area but on a decent plot of land, which is why I call our home a homestead. Here on the homestead we have several flower, and herb gardens. I attempted a fall garden with; kale, spinach, and carrots. But I was too far into the season for anything to actually grow. Although the kale did sprout a little.  Here we have one fish, his name is Mr. Fish. We had a cat at one point but needed to give him up, he had a lot of medical issues we were not aware of at the time of adoption. We learned he was readopted by a nice older lady.  Anyways that is some about us, I hope many people stop by and stick around. I have some things coming up you don’t want to miss.