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When life throws you a curve ball.

Life is full of curve balls. Some you see coming, but others have to hit you in the side of the head before you see them. So what do you do when you get hit with a curve ball? There isn’t much choice when you get one. You must make a decision whether or not to freak out, or take it step by step and day by day. Trust me when I say freaking out will do you no good, in the moment decisions wont either. Our initial thought is to lose it, breakdown, and just be defeated. We do this automatically, but we can stop it. Allowing this curve ball to take more out of you than it has too is completely up to you. Here are four steps to avoiding a mental breakdown in that moment. Lets be honest for a moment.. You will breakdown, but you have to be strong while you make decisions, and after the dust is settled you can have that cry fest. So here are my four steps to avoiding that initial breakdown.

  1. Asses the situation – with as clear of a head as physically possible. Figure out why this happened, who threw this ball, and what can be done.
  2. You gotta breath – This is critical, if you don’t remain calm you’ll lose is before you figure anything out. That is the last thing you want or need.
  3. Seclusion, with in reason – a lot of people would disagree with me. However have you ever tried to asses a situation with people talking in your ear, telling you what to do before you have a chance to figure anything out? No its not a good thing. Once you have had time to process the situation you should reach out to someone(s) you trust.
  4. Get outside – You’ll need to clear your head, and again breath. Something as simple as listening to gentle music and walking down your local main street is enough to aid in clearing your head. This is great to do after the shock, and all the thinking. I encourage you to do this with your best friend, just to have them their beside you.

Once the shock is over, and you’ve had the chance to figure some or everything out you should have that cry. I suggest doing this in private. I’ve done this cry in public, at work actually. It wasn’t pretty, I looked and felt awful the rest of my shift. Sometimes you cannot help where you have this breakdown, especially if you’re like me and you try to remain strong without that cry. It’s not healthy to keep it bottled up, and definitely isn’t self love. You need to release these feelings so you can move on. I know I know, but you don’t have to be strong all the time. You don’t have to let anyone see you cry, or explain why you’re crying. When I was asked why if I was okay, and what was wrong all I said was “just a lot going on, I’m okay”. No one needs anymore information than that. You are not obligated to open up to everyone you come across. Just your mum, your best friend, or a close relative. This is all by choice and I highly recommend you confide in the person you trust the most. No it doesn’t have to be family. I confide in my best friend, because I just don’t have that family connection.

The journey may be hard, but we are strong. There is nothing we cannot do, with perseverance, self love and respect for ourselves. Take your time making choices and going down new roads.

Just keep in mind this little piece of information.

“Every journey has many paths, you choose the paths you take. In the end you will have walked the journey you chose to walk. No one can dictate your path, unless you allow them too. You’re life rest in the palm of your hands, make it a good journey”

My thoughts

The not so pretty, and the beautiful sides of being vegan

When your life mission is to save the world one animal at a time, it gets lonely. Like really lonely. Making friends has never been my strong suite and most times I’m by myself. However I do have a few good friends. Feeling quite lonely wishing I had my own vegan tribe to surround myself with. Be able to talk with other moms who are on the same journey. It is socially more acceptable to be a meat and dairy eater than it is to be vegan or plant based eater. You cannot walk into any grocery store and find what you’re looking for. I have to travel over a bridge then another 20 minutes to just get my protein nut milk. I’m looking into ordering it. Perks of living on an all seasons island I guess. I did try joining a vegan/vegetarian group on Facebook, I also tried making my own group. Nothing took off, and the group I joined is quite stagnant. The number of restaurants here that are vegan or have vegan options is extremely minimal, two within a twenty minute drive. I digress..

With all of that said, being vegan is one of the best choices I’ve ever made, and I hope to go fully plant based within the next couple years. My girls are both vegan, but mostly for their health. I am able to find things like vegan mac and cheese, and Trader Joes has started to carry some more vegan options. However you need to be careful. check for eggs and milk, because even though it says “meatless” it could definitely have dairy in it. I started checking not just ingredients, but what clothing is made out of. Careful not to buy anything made from animals. Also medications, and hair products I’ve been checking too. I just love how I feel eating vegan, all the vegetable I’ve been eating saved me from the flu. However I did get a cold, and a sinus infection.. Those two things I can manage while managing a household. A flu I could not handle my household had I gotten the flu..

This coming weekend is Superbowl weekend, we have a couple friends coming over, one of which is trying to eat healthier. So I’ll be making vegan options for her and I. The men (who are not vegan) will be eating non vegan items. GO PATRIOTS!!

Lead by example and others shall follow. That is my main goal in life, hoping others can see the good in veganism, and try it. Try it out, maybe not everyday, but possibly bring back “meatless Monday”, try the vegan cheese, try some of the substitutes. I don’t want anyone to throw themselves into it 100 percent at first. I tell people, try being vegetarian for a bit, and incorporate some vegan days.

Vegans don’t wish cruelty upon animals or others.. Here’s my problem.. The outspoken mean vegans.. I know you want to make a point, I GET IT.. However do you honestly think yelling in someones face, telling them they’re a murderer is a good way to get anyone to change their ways? No it absolutely is not. I saw a post on my Facebook new feed that utterly disturbed me. At a PETA protest in Sydney there was a man roasting a dog, a DOG y’all.. This is absolutely ridiculous to me. If you care about all animals why are you doing this?? It’s every level unacceptable, disgusting, and is definitely not what most vegans are about. I prefer facts of what the food you are eating is doing to your body, over that harshness.

Like I said, it’s not all a pretty picture, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. However random it may sound.

Be kind, love all, and only spread love and happiness.